TOP 10 RPA Tools in 2024

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As robotic process automation (RPA) continues to expand rapidly across sectors, new and powerful tools are emerging in the market. Here’s our list of the top 10 RPA tools in 2024. Why not start using RPA in your business by checking out this post?

Octoparse RPA

Octoparse RPA is a flexible robotic process automation tool that can adapt the way you work. It allows anyone to automate digital processes without coding but only using a drag-and-drop solution. In addition, with the powerful combination of the leading data scraping solution, Octoparse, and generative AI, you can solve your last-mile problem of data usage. With the help of Octoparse RPA, you can save up to 25-80% on your current operational costs.

Octoparse RPA now provides two kinds of plans. Individuals can go for a free plan to have their first bite of RPA. The personal plan provides three bots and 300 free bot run minutes per month for $29/month. Businesses can have the team plan with only $99/month to get ten bots and five seats.


UiPath remains the dominant player in the RPA space. Its full-featured platform supports automation of desktop, web, and mobile interfaces without code. UiPath also provides pre-built activities and “attended” automation using computer vision. Enterprises can use it to automate repetitive operations in banking, insurance, healthcare, and other areas. It is also ideal for large-scale automation projects because of its scalability, orchestration, and governance features.

UiPath has a free plan for personal use with unlimited individual automation runs. For large businesses, UiPath offers excellent system integration and is very scalable. The pro plan starts at $420/month. For extensive deployments, UiPath Enterprise pricing is based on active bots with additional support offerings.

Blue Prism

Blue Prism is a master at scalable, centralized RPA implementations. It differentiates by taking a “digital workforce” approach of centralized software robots and focuses on tools to standardize robot development and control their lifecycle. Meanwhile, complex automation involving several applications and systems is ideally suited for it. It is widely utilized in government, insurance, and banking now.

Automation Anywhere

One of the earliest RPA vendors, Automation Anywhere provides cloud-native and on-premise options. It offers simple bot creation, comprehensive pre-built task libraries, and task recording features. Automation Anywhere supports both structured and unstructured processes. While using Automation Anywhere, intelligent automation is also possible with AI/ML technology. As a result of its wide consumer base and contacts, it is a popular choice for mid-large organizations.


WorkFusion focuses on cognitive process automation (CPA) with its hybrid human-AI approach. Its Assisted Intelligence augments human effort in repetitive tasks rather than replacing workers. The platform models processes distributes tasks to humans/bots, and measures performance continuously. WorkFusion promises greater AI adoption through its emphasis on human-in-the-loop solutions.

Inflectra Rapise

Rapise’s test automation features guarantee that RPA bots and processes function properly. Using it, IT teams can automate testing and ensure processes remain effective over time. It also supports both GUI and API-based testing across applications. Its pricing ranges are based on the number of licenses an enterprise requests. For only one license, the price is $3239/year, while for ten licenses, the price is about $20,519/year, which means $170 per license per year.

Microsoft Power Automate

As part of the Power Platform, Power Automate provides accessibility and ease of use for automating common workflows. Its triggers and actions enable jobs to be automated across hundreds of apps and systems. Power Automate is designed for simple, event-driven automation and job completion. Now Microsoft offers two plans for this service. The power automate premium will cost $15 per user/month, while the power automate process charges $150 per bot/month.


NICE is a market leader in intelligent automation solutions for customer service enterprises. It acknowledges that the core of every customer-centric organization is customer interactions. Its intelligent Automation Platform unites RPA, artificial intelligence, analytics, and workflow capabilities. The diverse features allow automation of tasks across the entire customer service value chain from first contact to back-office resolution. NICE also provides ready-to-use accelerators for the banking, insurance, and telecommunications industries.

Kofax RPA

Kofax RPA stands out from the crowd thanks to its strong computer vision and document processing intelligence. Using artificial intelligence-based tools for auto-classification, data capture, and extraction, it can understand both structured and unstructured content. These cognitive capacities are especially well-suited to robotic automation of paperwork-intensive corporate procedures. Its integration with Kofax’s cognitive document tools and process mining products provides a complete intelligent automation suite from analysis to execution. In addition to increasing operational efficiency, comprehensive process transformation improves compliance, accuracy, and customer experiences.


ServiceNow RPA allows customers to build and run unattended automation natively within the ServiceNow platform. Its out-of-the-box connectors to over 50 apps that are commonly used alongside ServiceNow, such as Salesforce, Office 365, ZenDesk, and more. This enables easy automation of workflows across systems. It also has a visual interface for creating automation without coding using a drag-and-drop builder. Both technical and non-technical users can automate tasks. Meanwhile, this tool provides visibility into the usage, exceptions, and performance of bots.


RPA brings opportunities for increased efficiency and competitive advantage. Evaluating your specific automation needs will help identify the right tools from these top 10 RPA vendors and specialized players. With the right tool, you can accomplish twice as much in half the time. Try Octoparse RPA now, and rock your business!

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